The Faculty of Specific Education of Alexandria University announces that its international conference will be held on 17th of next April under title "The role of specific education in Egypt vision 2030". The conference will be held under auspices of the President of Alexandria University; Dr. Essam El Kurdi, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies; Dr. Mokhtar Youssef and Dr. Alaa Eldeen Mustafa Ramadan the Vice President of university for Environment and Community Services.

 The Conference will include many topics like home economy, musical education, education technology, art education and educational sciences.

Dr. Faten Mustafa, the Faculty Dean of Specific Education and the President of the conference declared that the conference will prove that the specific education can compete in the regional and international scale and can support Egypt vision 2030.

Dr. Mona Mosa, the faculty Deputy for Researches and Graduate Studies added that the conference goals will focus on achieving the strategic plan of the state through the specific education in the education research and innovation field according to 2030.

The specific education will play important role in this vision through creating and providing proper environment for entrepreneurship and through connecting the specific education institution with production and service institutions and the industrial sector in addition to activating the dynamic relationship between the specific education outputs and labor market requirements and enhancing woman's role in the society according to Egypt vision 2030.

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