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leadership in the field of education technology through an effective educational environment at a level that meets the requirements of the age and technology.




Preparing a graduate specialized in the field of education and information technology capable of planning, designing, producing and evaluating new and renewable sources of learning in the field of teaching and learning to improve the educational level of society.



*Developing educational programs in the department
*Graduation of a student capable of competing in the field with other corresponding colleges
*Promote regional education technology department to attract students locally and regionally.Multiply research projects funded to support scientific research in the specialization.
*Marketing scientific researches locally and regionally and exchanging experiences with local and regional educational and cultural bodies and institutions of common interest in specialization.
*Increase scientific and applied research directed towards serving the needs of the labor market and responding to environmental and humanitarian issues.
*Community development through participation in training programs and field practices in educational technology.


About the Department  
 Student enrollment was re-opened in the academic year 2014-2015  
 The department offers the following courses:
 Education, Computer Introduction and Production of Educational Drawings, Museums and Educational Exhibitions, Computer Mathematics, Multimedia, Fundamentals of Photography, Video Thumbnails, Radio and Sound Recordings, Printing, Copying and Binding, Computer , Computer technology, educational packages production, video software production, school book, use and management Education programs, dry and humid conservation, educational models, English language in the field of specialization, educational boards Design of educational stands, Curriculums on presentation of educational materials, Introduction of educational technology, Project