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About the Department

The Department of Home Economies is considered as one of the groundbreaking departments established at the beginning of the faculty based on the interest in home economics that focus on human nature, growth and needs through all the stages of life, and concerns about studying the surrounding environment of family and house as it is the first influential factors. It is also concerned with optimizing the limited environment resources with an objective to achieve the welfare of the family in particular and society in general.

Hence the concept of creating the Department of Home Economics in the Faculty of Specific Education-Alexandria University to prepare a teacher for home economics to be able to act professionally as required by each stage of pre-university stages.

In furtherance of this vocational and educational preparation the study materials concentrates on two sides, the first one is the specialization field such as studying food, nutrition, textiles, clothing, motherhood, childhood home management and the aesthetic profusion in the house. The other side is the educational and psychological field that prepares the student to perform her mission. This is in addition to the practical activities through the four years of study in the department.

The Department offers the following curriculum

Organic chemistry, introduction to home economics, housing basics and home utilities, family health, sewing tools and machines, biochemistry, nutrition basics, maternal, house management, environmental issues, fashion history and evolution, child clothes models and manufacturing, food preparation(pasta and pastry), home tools and appliances, tricot and crochet , food preparation (fruit and vegetables), food preparation (meat and fish), home clothes manufacturing, embroidery works and design, nutrition of special categories, family relations, home furnishings, the management of child institutions, safe and healthy food, the implementation of outing clothes, food preservation, food control, customer economics and the guidance of the, manufacture and preservation of  dairy products and meat, restructuring on mannequin and graduation project.

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