A Word from the Dean

Education is the basis of advancement and national security as a great scientific and technological revolution ravages our world today and Alexandria University seeks to keep pace with rapid and successive developments in various specific fields, so the Faculty of Specific Education - Alexandria University with its noble mission and multiple roles can act as the backbone for society development and achieving its goals. the faculty strives to achieve quality and excellence and to occupy a prominent place on the map of higher education through various curriculums that should empower the students with professional and creation skills in all fields and prepare a qualified teacher at the highest level of competence. The faculty also provides up to date skills and knowledge through continuous improving for its programs and plans in all disciplines either in graduate or under graduate stage in order to produce a graduate able to break into the labor market. The faculty also provides a specialized training, research and consultation services to various community institutions so that contributing to society development.

I beseech God almighty to grant us success to achieve the faculty mission and prepare inventive teachers who believe in their mission and to form of an environment of education and learning. Sincere prayers for our faculty to reach its deserved position and rightful place by our efforts. I also hope that all information in this site about activities, conferences, symposia and workshops as well as the achievements of the college, which is updated continuously, should reply to what you want to know about our faculty. We always seek to further development for the web site to meet your needs and wishes for

the public benefit 

Sincere thanks and deep appreciation to all persons who contributed to the preparation of this site, and I pray God Almighty to grant us all success in serving and developing our beloved nation.

Prof. Dr. Mona Mousa


Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education - Alexandria University