Faculty Mission

Prepare a graduate academically and educationally qualified with professional competency to create and innovate. The faculty also transfers knowledge through teaching and preparing a specific professional able to develop and improve the community activities in fields of specialization to cope up with labor market as well as conducting scientific researches that contribute in solving problems of the society and dealing with educational issues.

Faculty Vision

The faculty seeks to excellence and leadership in preparing the specific teacher and specialist through scientific research and in light of quality standards and accreditation that and thus achieving sustainable human community-development in the national, regional and global society and achieving the total quality.


The Faculty of Specific Education works on achieving the following objectives:

1-   Preparing specific teacher for all pre-university education stages in the following specializations:

-      Art Education.

-      Music Education.

-      Home Economics.

-      Education Technology.

2-Preparing a professional specialist in education technology to supervise specific activities in general education stages.

3-Upgrading workers competency in various specific fields.

4-Conducting researches and studies.

5-Exchanging experts and information with educational and cultural associations and institutions in Egypt and foreign countries also.

6-Contributing to development and updating thinking and practice of community service in fields of the faculty.

7- Positive development regarding awareness activities in public education schools.

8-Providing consultancy in areas of faculty specialization.

9-Education development in specific fields through creating new specializations to meet recent and future requirements.