About the Department of Art Education


The study in this department began from the year 1988/1989, when 56 students joined the department.

The faculty is keen on giving the student professional and creative skills in all arts with definite target of preparing art education teacher educationally qualified with a high degree of scientific and cultural knowledge in various arts and well trained on technical and skillful basics that shall discover his creative talents.

The curriculum in the department concentrates in three axes, namely:

  • Educational preparation courses.
  • Art culture courses.
  • Plastic arts preparation courses.

The applied hours is very big proportion of study of total hours approximately 163 hours over the four years of study.

It is required to join Art Education department to pass the competency test (Arts) during secondary school stage or succeeding the arts exam which is prepared annually by the faculty in coordination with of the Submission Office in order to be enrolled in the Department of Art Education.

Competency tests in Art Education department aim to measure mental, art and psychological in addition to creative skill of the student, and his readiness to accept the artistic and educational preparation courses being studied in the department. It also measures the self-characteristics of applicants and their suitability for teaching career.

The competency tests in the faculty are carried out as following:

First: skills tests:

A scientific test in painting, photography and decoration design.

Secondly: Knowledge and psychological tests and of self-characteristics measurement:

An oral test to measure cultural inventory of the applicants in the field of plastic art, as well as measuring voice and verbal skills and student ability to discovery colors.

The Department offers the following courses:

Painting, design basics, sculpture, art works, history of art education and its theories, porcelain, print and textiles, art history, photography, metallic work, wood works, child and adult paints, engineering wall drawing, design, artistic print, museums and galleries, project, and other courses related to the field of art education.